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Welcome to a new chapter of my quest to conquer breast cancer. For those of you who have been with me throughout the long journey (since 1988), you know that exploring innovative technologies and procedures to conquer breast cancer is my passion. Now, with the generous underwriting of The Wood Group, I have been given an opportunity to develop what I believe are better ways of discovering and treating breast cancer. Starting now, the Desert Breast Institute will be known as the Visionary Breast Center, a facility dedicated to saving lives and minimizing treatment costs.

The goal of the Visionary Breast Center is to create a new, lifelong model for women’s breast care where diagnosis and treatment are based exclusively on the patient’s needs. Our strategy is to combine advanced technology with intensely individualized care. We will provide in-depth diagnostic investigation to discover breast cancers as early as possible. We will explore all treatment options, from traditional methods to leading-edge, minimally invasive procedures not yet available mainstream. Through this process we hope to empower more women to make informed decisions about their care.

For the last six years I have been researching various technologies that I now believe are a possible solution, or at least a part of the solution to the breast cancer problem worldwide. These technologies include, but are not limited to: genetic testing, modified military infrared, a pressure sensing device, a duct cytology device, ultrasound/elastography, and cryoablation.  It is important to note that none of these technologies have any radiation.

I have now performed six cryoablation procedures in the office using a cryogenic liquid nitrogen probe. In some instances, it has been possible to treat breast cancer in one day, avoiding traditional surgery, chemotherapy, and possibly radiation. We call this, “The Lavender Procedure.”

Using genetic testing as a baseline, we have a strong indication of when to employ (perhaps multiple times yearly when the risk is highest) our various technologies to find ultra-small breast cancers.  Our Visionary Breast Center will not accept insurance but will depend on sustaining help from our patients to the non-profit Desert Breast Foundation. Your care (of the technology available at VBC) is not dependent on a donation and will be provided without charge.

We need your help to make our vision for care a success.  Please ask questions, give us feedback, and spread the word of what we are doing to friends and family.  We will continue to communicate and provide information as this vision evolves. I will also write a blog to keep you informed.  With your help we can make an impact on the fight against breast cancer—another woman saved, years of life restored. Please view our website at visionarybreastcenter.com for detailed information on the innovative treatment options we offer.


Phillip Bretz, M.D.

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