The following gallery is a sampling of patients over the years I have cared for, in many cases after undergoing surgery elsewhere. Their names are redacted and they have given consent to appear in an effort to empower current and future generations.  Each photo and those that I feel have unacceptable results I have so indicated with a little story.

I can’t help but think that highly unacceptable cosmetic results like the ones you’ll see are part of the reason women are reluctant at times to come in for even simple mammography. It’s because they know that something bad is going to happen to them from surgery with its attendant complications to chemotherapy with severe nausea, hair loss and feeling like a truck hit them, to radiation. Each treatment modality has its own specific set of side effects that are sometimes worse than the disease.

You will also see the results of my surgery. I have had a saying for a long time now that if I have to operate on someone, I want that woman to be able to look in the mirror and say ten days or ten years down the road, “Gee, I can’t even tell that guy was there.” Surgery is surgery and always leaves a scar. The trick is to do what I call a ‘cosmetic lumpectomy’ so optimal results are obtained. You can decide if my efforts are acceptable. But as good as I feel most of my cases are cosmetically, The Lavender Procedure is really a quantum leap and what I have worked for all these years.

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