Thank you for coming to our donation page. The Desert Breast Foundation is registered in the State of California as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit foundation. As you are aware, having pursed Visionary Breast Center’s web-site, we are engaged in cutting technology to rewrite how women all over the world are diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.

Most of our technology doesn’t use radiation and, therefore, doesn’t expose women to repeated encounters with radiation. Our modified military digital infrared and other technology, including The Lavender Procedure, is not covered at this time by insurance. It is vitally important that we have ongoing funds to help not only our pursuit of technology that will benefit all women but to have funds available to actually help pay or totally pay for a patient’s work-up and procedures as necessary that many women can’t afford.

Fully 95% of all donations go directly to patient care and research and 5% to administrative costs of maintaining the books, accounting and other legal requirements of a non-profit foundation.

You, of course, are welcome to visit our Visionary Breast Center in La Quinta and see this technology for yourself. We appreciate your support of our endeavors and please feel free to contact us through our web-site or phone 760-771-4939. If you prefer, please feel free to send a donation via mail to the address below. For all your donations, you will receive a tax deductible statement. Our foundation web-site will be coming shortly as donations allow.

Jay Ash

President, The Desert Breast Foundation

78-034 Calle Barcelona Suite B

La Quinta, CA 92253