Phil Bretz, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Phillip Bretz is a dedicated breast cancer surgeon and researcher. He was born in Chicago in 1945 attended North Park University and did his surgical training at Loyola University in Maywood, Illinois.  He is founder and director of Visionary Breast Centers and co-founder of GentestIR. Briefly, he founded the first comprehensive breast center in the Coachella Valley and one of the first in the United States, 1988 the Desert Breast Institute. Since then he has cared for well over 12,000 women and publishes his results in peer reviewed journals as well as invited presentations around the world. His mantra is to preserve mind, body and spirit, something he doesn’t take lightly.

He has continually refined his approach to diagnosing and treating breast cancer to where now we can accomplish the diagnosis without radiation at about 3-5mm and treat the cancer without the need for traditional surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.  This will make a difference in the world. In knowing about him, we have included his CV and a memorandum from Dr. Janet Vargo, Director of Translational Research for Johnson and Johnson. This was unsolicited and says it all from a renowned peer. His surgical career spans over 30 years and includes being an integral part of the open heart surgical team at Eisenhower Memorial Hospital in Rancho Mirage, CA where the team did over 4,000 open heart procedures (having the lowest mortality rate in the country as verified by Medicare 1983 and 1984) and he was the assistant surgeon on First Lady Betty Ford’s heart surgery. He has carried a principal investigator number 17790 from the National Cancer Institute for over twenty years.

Aside from being the designated surgical liaison for the American College of Surgeons he served as Chairman of the Cancer Committee at Eisenhower and was first to bring National Cancer Institute clinical trials to the Coachella Valley. At Eisenhower he was the designated principal investigator for the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast Project (NSABP) the largest breast cancer research group in the country. He also served as a civilian physician aboard the Marine Air Ground Combat Center at 29 Palms for four years. Along the way he was a principal speaker on President HW Bush’s Breast Cancer Panel and was awarded the Carnegie Medal for heroism as well as two medals of excellence given by the commanding general of the 332 medical brigade. In addition, he has been recognized multiple times for his excellence in pioneering medical technology by FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared a fortune 500 company). FLIR supplies our military branches with IR technology. For him, his significant achievement in research is being the author of our country’s first large scale breast cancer prevention clinical trial (working with the erstwhile Soviet Union) using the drug Tamoxifen, FDA IND 34,223. He wrote a 400 page book on this experience called, Sacrificing America’s Women. He has developed and published a unique surgical procedure to augment accelerated partial breast radiation and over the past six years has done the ground breaking research on the five technologies necessary to reach our goal.  He has been married to his wife Joan for 45 years and together has raised four productive children.  He serves as Chief Medical Officer and Chief of Surgery.


Curriculum Vitae

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Memorandum from Dr. Janet Vargo, Director of Translational Research for Johnson and Johnson